My Nightmare Drives an Accord

I looked a stranger in the eye today
Openly hostile

The car was the same
Dark gray Honda Accord
Four door
Freshly washed
      “To avoid police suspicion,” he’d once explained to me
      I still wonder if cops pull over dirty cars more often than clean ones

That stranger today had the same short haircut
That driver could be him
The demon from my nightmares
Chasing me during daylight memories
Similar slim build and collared shirt
Definitely a possible match
That clean-cut look a cover up for the monster within

I slowed down to assess the stranger
Ready to face the beast
My eyes scanning the empty infant carrier and toddler seat
      He didn’t have carseats before
      But you never can tell who the evil one may have ensnared now

The driver looked at me
Directly in my eyes
He stared at me with a question on his face

     It wasn’t him
     The jailer from my dreams
It was a stranger with a decent haircut
Driving a fuel efficient car
Probably picking up two little ones
Maybe he is a monster to someone
But he’s not the monster I’m seeking


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