Ghost of an Addiction

“Ghost of an Addiction”

~by rebecca anne

Last night in my dreams
I dusted off my ghost
We played like time hadn’t passed
He spoke the same words
In the same honey voice
Creating a circle of only us

Others were there in my dream
But my ghost pulled me past them
Made them smaller
My hand reaching for my ghost’s hand
Wanting his world

I discarded my loved ones for my ghost
Or wounded them until they gave up
My lover refused to give up
My ghost drove me to hurt my lover more

My lover still refused to give up
My wanton desire for my ghost started to pale
My love for my lover began to burn hotter inside me

My lover refused to let my ghost drag me back
My ghost offered me a lit one
I took it
Still my lover stood fierce to protect me from my ghost
My ghost beat on my lover’s arms and head as my lover drove us home
I looked down at the disgusting bit of paper and poison in my hand
Tasted the remnants of it on my tongue
And threw it out the window
My dirty hand tentatively reached for my lover
His warm golden hand covered mine
I was loved
I was safe
I was home
But  my ghost still sits on my shelf


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