Facebook Stalking


I still see the same curve to her smile
the same light in her eyes.
She’s in someone else’s arms now
but I smile when I see her smile
captured through the holidays
even though it’s with him
and not me.

Maybe that’s love.
Loving someone so much
their happiness makes you feel better
even when it leaves a tiny hole
etched forever in your heart.

I leave her Facebook page
wishing we could at least be friends
but understanding why we aren’t.
I wonder if she thinks of me…
I wonder if she knows
how often I still think of her…

I hope she knows I meant it when
I told her I’d always love her.
The thing I miss the most is
holding hands with her
but I at least I find solace
in her Facebook smiles,
and besides, she’s holding his hand now.
There’s a picture of that, too.


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