In My Dreams, You Still Love Me

In my dreams, you still love me
Your beautiful smile lights up your eyes every time you glance my way
Your warm strong arms are a nest just for me
You sit on the creased brown leather couch and beckon to me to sit
I nestle into the curve of your shoulder
You turn my head towards you and lower your sweet lips to mine
Our first kiss in so many ages
Love gushes from my heart and my lips
I am unable to conceal the depth of how much I crave you
My desire becomes a waterfall when our lips touch
You tell me you’ve waited for me all these years and we’ll have a house together
I take your hand when you stand
Follow you

The dog wakes me
And you’re not here
I close my eyes to see you again
But you’re a ghost now
I fall back asleep searching for you
Because in my dreams you still love me


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