The Bruised Starlet

The final curtain call, family dinner is over.
The children are headed to bed.
The leading actress retires to wash off her stage makeup,
Strategic layers of concealer and foundation to make her skin appear not made up.
She didn’t realize she still had an audience.
“Mom, what happened to your face?!” her young teenaged daughter asks, alarmed by the purple shades of disgrace on the star’s mouth, chin, and jaw.
She glibly answers, “Oh that,” waving airily with a trembling hand, “it’s nothing…just… um, some kissing that got out of hand.”
“Yeah right,” argues her older teenaged son, standing much too tall for someone so young.
She holds her hand to her face and passes by them both with her eyes to the floor, and silently prays they’ll question her no more.
Tonight’s act was a flop after all, and she knows the price she’ll have to pay for this bad of a fall.


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