Naked Toast

I cook bacon for breakfast
fry eggs in the same cast iron pan
finesse the yolks onto the plate
buttering the toast requires perfect timing
in the midst of all this frying
I ask him to jelly his toast
as I crack more eggs into the sizzling butter

he asks if I have already set out the jelly
I have not
he retrieves the jelly
it is actually jam
but the difference no longer matters
he goes to the silverware drawer
brings the knife over to his buttered toast
slides one of his two pieces onto my plate
spreads the jam
places the knife in the sink
leaves the kitchen silently
breakfast plate in hand

my eggs are done
I slide the golden domes onto my plate
next to my butter-only toast
I had been looking forward to eating jelly toast
but I’m not getting out the jam again
and another knife
that would take too long
my eggs would get cold

why didn’t he jelly my toast?
he didn’t even offer
didn’t even ask
I shouldn’t feel this unloved
over naked buttered toast


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