Empty Annulment

We said the words
Agreed to the vows
For better or worse
Same old verse

Until death do us part
Or one of us changes our mind
Like me
He declares me incompetent
Unfit to be his wife
He’s right
I’m not

I’m struggling with nightmares
Still needing
My best friend
My true love
Not him
He’s right

So much for those vows
Empty words
Meaningless agreement
Made in front of a stranger

Now I’m checking the mailbox
Waiting for the paper
Declaring none of this ever happened
More empty words
From yet another stranger

I guess it shouldn’t matter
My best friend
My true love
Holds me tight
Every night
He doesn’t care what happened

That paper doesn’t release me
From responsibility
Or erase the past
Merely documents empty lies
Agreed to for reasons
Already forgotten
But I’ll breathe easier
After the annulment arrives


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