Lover’s Remorse

You shouldn’t have traded in your old model for something newer, flashier
Until you found out if the new one goes down all the same roads.
Maybe she won’t.
Maybe her shiny chrome fenders won’t fit into the boring lanes you’re used to traveling.

Isn’t that why you chose her?
For the excitement?
The thrill?
Oh, but what happens when the time comes that you miss your routine paths?
When racing along those dangerous curvy lanes becomes too much to handle and you pine for the boring roads you knew so well?

You will find that yesterday’s roads have been blocked, barricaded with freshly felled trees.
You’d have to ram your beautiful shiny new love into that barrier to break through it.
Will you do it?
Are those familiar paths worth it?
Your shiny love will be crumpled and will never again be able to take you along those spine-tingling roads.
She’ll be a mangled mess left to rust on the side of the road.
But at least you would be back among everything you used to know…

Your hand shifts her gears as your eyes focus on that barricade.


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