You Shouldn’t Love Me

You love me
But you shouldn’t
I’ll love you right back
Love you so passionately
And loudly
That everything else will dim
Food will taste sweeter
Sunrises will sparkle
Sunsets burn brighter
Flowers, birds, clouds
They will all be seared
Into your consciousness
Every leaf will remind you of me
As you float through a fog
Of being in love

But I will leave
I cannot stay
In one place
Or I’d wither
Like the leaves in my wake

I’ll leave and
Your days will turn gray
You’ll wish we’d never met
If only to see the sun smile at you once again
But you will still love me
From afar
And I’ll be smiling
At someone new


You Crossed My Mind Today

I wonder if you’re okay
I’d ask, if I could
If it would make a difference
But you would say No
I’m not okay
And I already know
That you’re probably fine

I was merely a speck
On your revolving rings
One of many
You have lots of others
So I already know
That you’re doing fine

Guiltlessly, I care
Selfishly, I miss you
Honestly, I wish I could undo it all
But then I remember
I’m worrying for nothing
Others fill your needs
And I already know
That you’re doing just fine

Ode to My First Cuban Cigar

“The Cuban Juliette in Ireland”

Green and crisp
Evening outdoors
In a private backyard
With only the birds
To view us

Sweet scent
Gold and crimson
Encircling her neck

I slide my fingers
Down her smooth sides

Off slips her covering
Her delicate skin
Igniting me
Heart beats in anticipation
Setting flame to desire
I inhale
Taste her sweetness

Irish magpies
Silently witness
My acts
Of tender atrocities

Juliette and I
Joined as one

Feeling Seventeen

Why? Why does he enter my dreams?
Walking in, cowboy-comfortable in his jeans…
Why? Why does he still enter my dreams?
How is that tanned, rugged face still so irresistible to me? Drawing me in like gravity…
Why do I breathe deeper when he’s near, listen harder for his voice?
Stolen pieces of conversation in a dream, when his crooked smile wasn’t meant for me…
When will he fade from my memories? When?
He’s the ghost who haunts my dreams,
My living reminder of feeling seventeen.

Love Sparks


True mixed media, creating a love story from quotes, paint, and vintage stuff ❤

The petals have quotes from Nicholas Sparks' novel, Dear John. You can read the flower clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Here are the quotes:
"What do you want me to say?"
"I'll be okay."
"You just don't know what to do."
"How about a walk on the beach?"
"That sounds wonderful."
"I'll keep it our little secret."
"The truth comes out."
"You should have known better."
"Something like that."
"You still love her, don't you?"
"I didn't say anything…"

I’m Trying

I’m trying
Trying to fight the panic
The overwhelming feeling of dread
Dreading the waves of sadness
Of mourning
Mourning all that’s been
All that could’ve been
Acceptance slowly settles on top
On top of the ashes of mourning
Ashes that stay damp
Watered with my tears
Every day
But everyday
I’m trying
Trying to smile
Trying to smile and let the sunshine
Dry my tears
My tears of regret
But those regrets
Those ashes
Stay weighted down
Unable to float away
But I’m trying
Every day
I’m trying