Menopause Monologue

Night sweats
Leg cramps
Day sweats
Gained 25 pounds, and counting
Falling asleep during the day
Unable to fall sleep at night
Dreams include having a baby
Definitely do not want a baby
Extreme fatigue
Bones feel weighted down
Grossly heavy periods
Crazy-bad menstrual cramping

Do you have these symptoms? Mine began within the past 6-12 months. My family doctor, Dr Jill, a young perky brunette, told me I was “way too young” to be experiencing menopausal symptoms, and all my blood work came back normal. She advised me to “eat healthy and exercise.”

What the hell? My body feels like it’s deteriorating and I’m too tired and in too much pain to exercise. As for eating, I haven’t changed my eating habits so I should be maintaining, not gaining. Yet, here I am, 44 years old and I’ve outgrown all my clothes. And shoes. And glasses. Yes, I now know you can gain so much weight that you outgrow your panties AND your eyeglasses frame. True story.

I haven’t found anyone else who is going through what I am, so I decided to start this blog with hopes of connecting with those who are experiencing menopause or perimenopause. By the way, perimenopause seems to be the hell a woman endures before retiring to Millionaire Acres in this game of Life.

More soon,
Rebecca Anne